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Weekly Menus

March/April Menu

Our Daily Menus Include: AM Snack – with Milk or Juice, Fruit or Vegetable, Bread or Cereal (2 Food Groups) Lunch – with Meat and/or Alternate, Vegetables and Fruit, Bread, Dairy (fluid or whole), and other foods (4 Food Groups) PM Snack – with Milk or Juice, Fruit or Vegetable, Bread or Cereal (2 Food Groups)







Center Closed Happy Labor Day

Cinnamon toast on WW bread/Milk

Pizza Sticks green beans peaches  Milk/whole wheat bread

Multi grain Sun Chips/juice

Sausage with WW bread/milk

Steak Fritters  lima beans pears milk/ Whole Wheat bread

Bread Sticks w/ marinara sauce/juice

Cheese Toast on WW bread /milk

Meatballs w/ gravy mashed potatoes baked apples / milk/Whole wheat bread

Lite Yogurt/graham crackers/water

Whole grain Cheerios/milk

Ham/cheese/ritz crackers/corn mandarin oranges milk

Orange slices/crackers/water

9/10/18- 9/14/18


BBQ meatballs tater tots peaches/ milk/Whole Wheat bread

Chips w/ salsa/juice

Whole wheat Waffles /Milk

Cheeseburgers on WW bun baked beans applesauce milk



Turkey and cheese on WW bread black eyes peas pineapples milk

Mini bagels w/ cream cheese/juice

Graham Crackers/milk

Steak fritters pinto beans mandarin oranges milk/whole wheat bread

Cheese sticks/crackers/water

Whole Wheat French toast sticks /milk

Pizza salad w/ ranch dressing pears  milk/

Fig Newtons/water

Sausage  w/WW bread/milk

Chicken nuggets green peas applesauce  milk/WW bread

Cheese Its/juice

Chex Rice Cereal/milk

Mac and Cheese and ham lima beans pears  milk/whole wheat bread

Animal  crackers/juice

Whole Wheat Raisin Toast w/ butter/milk

Pizza Sticks corn pineapples  milk/

Cheese sticks/ ritz crackers/water

Biscuits and Jelly/milk

Meatball subs on WG bun mashed potatoes peaches milk

Mini bagels w/ cream cheese/juice

Blueberry bagels w/ cream cheese /milk

Chicken and Rice mixed vegetables pineapples milk/ WW bread


9/24/18- 9/28/18

Bacon w/ WW bread/milk

Porkchops pinto beans pears  milk/ WW bread

Cheese its/juice

Hashbrowns /milk

Ham/cheese/ MG crackers baked beans mandarin oranges milk

Animal crackers/juice

Blueberry Muffins/milk

Spaghetti w/ meat sauce  green beans pineapples  milk/whole wheat bread

Fig Newtons/water

Kix cereal/milk

Fish Patties corn applesauce milk/whole wheat bread

 Sliced cheese/ WG crackers juice

Biscuits w/ jelly/milk

Chicken and rice salad w/ ranch dressing peaches  milk/whole wheat bread

Chex mix/juice